Metal Crown That Affects The Taste of Tea

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In Japan, metal crown and inlay are often used as an artificial tooth in any dental clinic. It is simply because the metal crown is covered by insurance. On the contrary, the crown made of ceramic or resin is not covered. We will have to bear the full amount if we choose to use either ceramic or resin. Unfortunately, due to its material composition, the metal tooth has an obvious effect to the taste.

A metal crown greatly affects the taste

I used to have a number of metal crowns and inlays before. When I was a student and young, I could not afford the ceramic type. So, certainly I took the metal crown that was covered by insurance. But several years ago I have read about that in the long run the metal crown is not good for our health. I have started to change metal crown into ceramic since a several years ago and now I have no more metal crown at all. During the transition period, I noticed that my perception of taste before and after I remove the metal crown has changed a lot. It really was a very drastic change.

Metal teeth decrease the aftertaste

I have been very curious to understand the effect of those dental materials to the taste. So before I visited the dental clinic, I had tasted my regular tea many rounds so as to deeply memorize the taste and flavour. After I changed to a ceramic crown, I went back to my office and I tasted the same tea again. I noticed that the taste was obviously different from what I remembered earlier. With ceramic crown, the body has decreased, the aftertaste has increased and the astringency has reduced, and tea taste is clearer and transparent. In a way, if one prefers the body and does not mind some astringency, a metal crown would be fine. As I have gradually reducing the number of metal crown, the taste was improved in stages.

Running tasting using metal inlay

Although it may sound crazy, I have brought back a metal piece from dental clinic to run the experiment. I told the doctor that I would like to study the effect of metal crown to the taste. The doctor was also very curious and willingly let me carry the metal piece. I placed it in my cup and tasted the tea. To my surprise, the taste and the flavour of tea was exactly the same as what I have tasted before I went to the dental clinic. It reproduced exactly the same taste I had before I changed my crowns. The metal crown is made from silver, copper, palladium and iridium. I have no idea about the taste effect of palladium and iridium. But I have very clear understanding of the taste on silver and copper. Both metals have very similar effect in taste. They cut-off the aftertaste, give some astringent taste while enhance body. It is exactly the same taste I had when I have my old metal crowns and inlays.

Different tasting experience depending on the oral condition

The artificial tooth, crown or inlay does affect the taste and the flavour of tea. Hence, it is possible that each person may feel a different taste even if they are drinking the same tea. Before we pay attention to the tea equipment, it is quite necessary to look into our teeth.

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