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India Black Tea

Darjeeling 1st Flush

Is it Black Tea? The leaves are green and it is so fruity!

Is it Black Tea? The leaves are green and it is so fruity!

This tea is harvested in early spring and is grown at the top of the Darjeeling area. It gives a strong fruity flavor that is different from the ordinary 1st flush.

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Darjeeling Autumnal

Tea is thick and sweet. It is the best partner with European Cuisine

Darjeeling Autumnal Latte Harvest

Tea is harvested at the very end of autumn when it is about to fall into winter. Tea leaves accumulate nutrition and other substances. This tea tastes just like riped fruits.

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One of the 3 major black teas in the world. It used to be the Royal Tea in UK.


Once upon a time, this tea was loved by the Royalty of UK. If ever you taste its rose-like flavor, you can't help loving it and crave for more!

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Lapsang Souchong

The world's first black tea. The Origin of Earl Grey.

Lapsang Souchong

The real Lapsang Souchong is not only smoky, but it also gives an amber flavor that resembles dried longans. Its unforgettable and unique flavor is most soothing and refeshing. It suits you the most when you are physically tired.

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Golden Bud

The surprise is not only in its appearance

Golden Bud

Leaves are completely golden in color, indicates that only young and tender buds are used. It gives a very mellow and sweet after taste.

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Guang Dong Black Tea

Only 1 company in China produces this tea

Guang Dong Black Tea

This tea is historically famous, however there is only one company that produces this tea at present. Its sweet flavor reminds us of honey.

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Keemun Special Tribute

The top grade tea in Keemun Black Tea factory.


This is the tea usually meant for a gift. It gives very soft and long lasting after taste that is just like drinking extra vergin oil.

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Yunnan Black Tea

Black tea made from the tea tree that age is at around a few hundred years old

Yunnan Black Tea

Tea gives very deep after taste that gives very long lasting sweetness in your throat.

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Formosa Black Tea

Even tea professionals in Taiwan purchase it for their own consumption.

Formosa Black Tea

A very rare Taiwan Black Tea. It gives a sweet flavor that resemble Brandy.

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Various choice of shippping method

EMS, SAL, Small Packet, Small Packet (SAL) Yamato Express and Surface

For shipping tea, we usually suggest small air parcel, the estimated shipping cost of tea in 100g (with wrapping material ) is

Small Parcel

USA JPY 600, EU JPY600 and Asia JPY470

Small Packet (SAL)

USA JPY380, EU JPY380 and Asia JPY320

The shipping fee to oversea by small air parcel happens to be even cheaper than domestic shipping fee in Japan.


Custom Fee

For your information, some countries, EU in particular imposes custom duty. We need buyer to bare the duty. We are sorry, but we cannot change the amount on the invoice, and we do not mark any packages as gifts. We will strictly follow the custom regulation.