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Niigata Copper-Tin Tea Ware

The Tsubame city (燕市) in Niigata Prefecture (新潟県) produces traditional hand-craft called Tsuiki-Doki. Tsuiki-doki means the “hammered” copper ware in English.

The tsuiki-doki includes not only tea equipment but also sake equipment, flower vase and many other accessories. The artist beats the plate and forms it into the desired shape of particular equipment. Normally, the copper plate is laminated with tin. At the moment, the brands that HOJO is introducing are using liner made of 99.99% tin. In fact, they were not using 99.99% tin in the old days. Once upon a time people concerned about the lead in tin and this has affected the Tsuiki-doki industry. Since then, most of manufacturers had stopped using ordinary tin and swtiched to 99.99% tin.
The color of the surface of copper ware is created by the fire. Depending on the oxygen level during firing process, it creates different colors. The copper teapot comes with filter that enables efficient filtration of most type of tea leaves.

There are 3 main reasons why HOJO like to introduce this equipment.

1. Great Performance

With this copper teapot, the internal tin liner which made of 99.99% of tin significantly improves the intensity of flavor and the depth of after taste. It gives a very clean taste with smooth and “silky” mouthfeel. After you have drunk the tea, it does not leave your mouth feeling dry or astringent; instead it gives a lingering after taste that is complex and evolving.
This teapot is suitable for most types of tea, unless you are a person who may not like to enjoy strong after taste.


2. Great affinity not only with most of tea including Phoenix Dan Cong and Wuyi Oolong

It is known that to select a matching tea pot for Phoenix Dan Cong and Wuyi oolong is very difficult, in particular the Phoenix Dan Cong oolong that is produced from very old tea tree. In our lineups, there are a number of clays that does not get along with this tea.
Nevertheless, we found that this copper teapot is one of the exceptions (besides Gisui Tokoname Red Clay and Ken Sado Red Clay) that can go well with Phoenix Dan Cong oolong and Wuyi oolong. It gives a strong after taste with lingering sweetness that lasts for a long time.
This tsuiki-doki copper teapot also shows great affinity with Puerh tea, not to mention about green tea and Taiwan oolong.


3. Great affinity with Tetsubin

One of the difficulties that I encountered when using tetsubin is that different brands of tetsubin has different affinities with different types of clay. As for tsuiki-doki teapot, it goes well with both Kunzan and Suzuki Morihisa tetsubin. In particular, the combination between this teapot and Kunzan tetsubin gives a very smooth after taste.

Grinding the bottom


The maintenance

The tin liner may get dark spot in a long run. However the performance of tin does not really change or decrease even if the tin is oxidized. Most importantly, after using the tsuiki-doki teapot, we have to leave the lid off and let the teapot dried completely. When the teapot is used for a long time, some layer of scale might be formed on the surface of tin and this will protect the teapot from the rust. It is very important to stick to one type of water for both brewing and washing. I have experienced that the teapot that is used by my friend for a few months, when I used it with my own water, it never perform as how it is supposed to be!


HOJO is currently supplying the brand called Seiho-Do. This brand is ran by only one artist whose age is over 70 years old. Due to no successor, the delivery takes sometime if stock is not available in our inventory.

Grinding the bottom

Vedeo for Tsuiki-Doki Teapot :NS250 and NT400

Currently Available Lineup


Grinding the bottom
NT400 400ml
Japanese teapot Japanese teapot
NT250 250ml NB250 250ml
Japanese teapot Japanese teapot
NS250 250ml NS400 400ml
Grinding the bottom
NB400 400ml

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