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Shizuoka Sencha.General Tokugawa Always Asked for Hon Yama.

Uji Cha Jubuzan

The rare "Aracha" that undergoes no baking. Tea gives flowral flavor.

Uji Sencha Jubuzan

This tea is from the tea garden that is managed with natural farming. The tea gives extremely deep after taste with floral flavor.

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Uji Cha Jubuzan Seiko Shiage

The lightly fired tea with Kyoto style

Uji Sencha

The Uji Sencha Jubuzan was very lightly fired with the Kyoto standard. It gives refreshing and flowery flavor.

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Uji Hojicha Jubuzan

This is much more than Hojicha. It is like drinking quality oolong.

Shizuoka Sencha

The tea is processed from Uji Sencha Jubuzan. Thanks to the natural farming, the tea gives extraordinary deep after taste and lingering sweetness.

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Hon Yama Hebizuka Sencha

Flowery and Deep After Taste

Hon Yama Hebizuka Sencha

Tea garden at high mountain; prolonged withering process; only plucked once a year; 100% hand plucking: A lot of special elements create this unforgettable tea.

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Asahina Gyokuro

Long Lasting Taste and Flavor

Asahina Gyokuro

The tea gardens are entirely covered with "rice straw", resulting in the tea leaves becoming extremely green, giving a seaweed-like aroma and extraordinary thick and long lasting taste. Gyokuro garden using straw instead of black sheet is very rare nowadays.

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Hon Yama Hebizuka Gyokuro

Very Flowery and Strong After Taste

Hon Yama Hebizuka Gyokuro

High mountain tea at about 800m; prolonged withering process; single plucking throughout the year: These combination creates a very unique Gyokuro.

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Nissaka Deep Steamed Sencha

Flowery, Full Body and Mellow Taste

Hon Yama Hebizuka Gyokuro

Nissaka is situated on the slope of mountain in Kikugawa. Moderate steaming is applied since tea leaf is rich in moisture and tender. It remains its flowery and greenish flavor.


Sencha made of selected stem

Hon Yama Hebizuka Gyokuro

Unexpectedly sweet flavor and full body. It is suitable for casual drinking occasion.

Kawane Zairai Sencha

100% Zairai cultivar from the mountain of Kawane

Hon Yama Hebizuka Gyokuro

Asamushi Sencha that is made of100% Zairal cultivar. This is a classical tea that gives flowery note with refreshing drinking feeling. The transparent liquor indicates its premium quality, yet we managed to get it at very economical price.

Kasuga Zairai Sencha

Asamushi sencha produced from the tea tree that age is at 200-300 year's old

Hon Yama Hebizuka Gyokuro

This tea is very rare mountain tea. This tea was found when we were looking for the sencha that gives strong after taste. Tea is made of slightly late plucked tea in order to get stronger after taste.

Tsukigase Zairai Sencha

It gives amazingly deep after taste as if you are drinking extra vergin olive oil.

Hon Yama Hebizuka Gyokuro

This tea is very rare mountain tea. This tea was found when we were looking for the sencha that gives strong after taste. Tea is made of slightly late plucked tea in order to get stronger after taste.

Chinese Green Tea

Shi Feng Longjing

For those who are looking for the extraordinary Long Jing


Tea is produced from the original cultivar which aged more than 100 years old. It gives a very strong after taste and flavor that lasts for a long time in your throat.

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Taiping Houkui

Art of Tea Leaf

Taiping Houkui

A very rare tea in China. Each leaf is carefully processed by hands.

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Meng Ding Gan Lu

Gan Lu means "Sweet Dew". Tea has 2000 years of history.


The emperor of China used to love this tea. It gives sweet taste and floral flavor.

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Meng Ding Que She

The brewed leaf looks just like the aquarium.

Taiping Houkui

It is particularly nice to brew in long glass. The leaf appears just like the aquarium. Tea gives fruity and refreshing flavor

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Yun Feng

Rare Green Tea that gives a strong flowery flavor.

雲峰/Yun Feng

This is a revolution of Chinese Green Tea. Thanks to the long withering process, it gives an extraordinary strong flowery flavor.

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Jasmine Pearl

Green Tea which is scented with Natural Jasmine Flower for 6 nights

茉莉龍珠 ジャスミン茶 Jasmine Pearl

The authentic Jasmine Tea is scented with only freshly plucked natural Jasmine Flower over a period of 6 nights. The Tea is sweet and gives a very fresh Jasmine flower fragrance.

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Snow Jasmine

This tea makes Jasmine tea no longer a casual tea

茉莉龍珠 ジャスミン茶 Jasmine Pearl

HOJO's finest jasmine green tea made of Sichuan famous green tea called Meng Ding Gan Lu. It gives very cleaer and transpearent flavor.

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Cui Luo

The that looks like snail. It gives very flowery flavor.

Cui Luo

This tea is made in Guanxi province in China. It gives upper intermidiate after taste and strong floiwery flavor. This tea is also nice in cold brew.

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Ling Yun Mao Jian

The overwhelmingly deep and flowery finishing.

茉莉龍珠 ジャスミン茶 Jasmine Pearl

One of the best green tea in Guanxi province. One person could only produce 100g a day.

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Ling Yun Yinzhen

It is half green tea and half white tea. Very unique tea from Guanxi

Cui Luo

Tea looks exactly like silver needle. But it gives strong flowery flavor and sweet after taste.

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