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HOJO is a Japanese Tea Company which specializes in Japanese tea (green tea), Tetsubin (cast iron kettles), Taiwanese tea, high mountain oolong), Chinese tea and Darjeeling tea.

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Tetsubin (Cast Iron Ketttle)
Tetsubin (Cast Iron Ketttle) We Started Tea Blog Tetsubin (Cast Iron Ketttle)
Safety as a Part of HOJO's Quality



Safety as a Part of HOJO's Quality


Please feel free to send us an e-mail for enquiry at:




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We accept various kinds of credit cards through Paypal. If this is not possible, bank transfers are also possible.



The following options are possible for shipping:

EMS, SAL, Small Packet, Small Packet (SAL) Yamato Express and Surface

For shipping tea, we usually suggest small air parcel, the estimated shipping cost for 100g of tea (with wrapping material) is:

1. Small Parcel

USA - JPY 600, EU - JPY600 and Asia - JPY470

2. Small Packet (SAL)

USA - JPY380, EU - JPY380 and Asia - JPY320


Custom Duty

Please note that some countries, the EU in particular impose customs duties that must be born by the buyer. According to customs regulations, we will indicate the actual amount on the invoice. No packages should be marked as "gift". We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to our customers.


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