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Other Artist of Tokoname Yaki


Tokoname teapot
Motozo 素三 01 Motozo 素三 02
Motozo Turtle Teapot Motozo Yohen Teapot
Gyokko 玉光 01  Hokuryu 北龍 01
Gyokko Reduction Red Clay Teapot Hoku Ryu Chigire Black Teapot
Hokuryu 北龍 02 Gyokko 玉光 01
Gyokkko Yohen Teapot
Mokuzen 玉光 02 Gyokko 玉光 01
Gyokkko: Chigire Yohen Teapot Gisui Pink Jizo Kyusu
   Gisui 義翠
Gisui Natural Rough Clay Mogake Teapot
Safety as a Part of HOJO's Quality

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We accept various kinds of credit card through Paypal.

Only if customer prefer other option of payment, we suggest "Bank Transfer".



Various choice of shipping method

EMS, SAL, Small Packet, Small Packet (SAL) Yamato Express and Surface

For shipping tea, we usually suggest small air parcel, the estimated shipping cost of tea in 100g (with wrapping material ) is

Small Parcel

USA JPY 600, EU JPY600 and Asia JPY470

Small Packet (SAL)

USA JPY380, EU JPY380 and Asia JPY320

The shipping fee to oversea by small air parcel happens to be even cheaper than domestic shipping fee in Japan.


Custom Fee

For your information, some countries, EU in particular imposes custom duty. We need buyer to bare the duty. We are sorry, but we cannot change the amount on the invoice, and we do not mark any packages as gifts. We will strictly follow the custom regulation.

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