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HOME > Why do we have confidence in Safety?

Why do we have confidence in Safety?
We drink tea every day expecting it to contribute for our health.
Some famous teas are missing from our lineups such as Tie Kuan Yin.

Free From Contamination

Most of our teas are produced at the organic tea garden. Some minor lineups especially Japanese Green Tea is not produced from the organic tea garden, but from the low pesticide garden. For low pesticide garden, we only purchase if we can ensure and have confidence with its traceability system. If you visit our product page in detail, we indicate the pesticide status for each item.


Trace + Ability = Traceability

It is an intensive recording system where we can trace when the tea is produced, when the plucking is carried out, from which tea garden it was produced, how it is grown, how much and when the pesticide and fertilizer is applied and etc. Managing Traceability System means all these information must be precisely documented and the contents could be verified even by 3rd party.

有机茶園(Organic Tea Garden)

HOJO is the Japan Tea Brand established by Food Science Professional.

Founder himself is specialized in Food Science and also experienced various food manufacturing professions. Our quality system and safety management practice is based on Japan standard; this allows us to always keep up the top quality status.