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History and culture of cast iron ware

Suzuki Morihisa is the direct descendant of 4 famous families of Nanbu. In 1625, Suzuki family was brought to Iwate as an official caster for Nanbu clan. Suzuki family inherits their craftsmanship until today. It is up to 15th generation. The 13th Suzuki Morihisa was awarded a Human National Treasure of Country: 国定無形文化財.


1. The 15th generation Suzuki Morihisa

The 15th generation Suzuki Morihisa caster is a lady by the name of Shiiko Kumagai 熊谷志衣子. She is the first woman caster in Nanbu. Her work was widely recognized in Japan and in 1991, she was awarded Prime Minister Prize on Kushime cast iron kettle at 31st Japan traditional craft exhibition. She would be the nearest Nanbu caster to the next Human National Treasure.

2. Work Shop

The workshop of Suzuki Morihisa is located in the heart of Morioka city. The location is unchanged since the early day in Edo era. There is ne thing amused with their work shop is that it was very well organized and tidyed up. Although cast iron is the traditional craft, it involves quite heavy handing and usually it looks like factory as car reparting workshop. According to Kumagai, "Only beautiful workshop, produce the best product." They put very intensive cares not only on their product, but also every elements that involves.

Usually casting work is shared with a few artists. The overall work is supervised by the skilled master. The master caster of Suzuki Morihisa is recognized as the best caster in Nanbu. Suzuki Morihisa maintains very high-standard thanks to the colaboration between Kumagai Shiko who comes up with an elaborate design and her skilled caster who maintain consistent quality.

Grinding the bottom workshop

Granding the bottom part of Hinomaru Tetsubin

The workshop is well organized and tidied up

Master Caster Knocking

He is the skilled caster, widely recognized as the best caster in Nanbu 

Knocking off the bottom part


3. Performance

Many know the name of Suzuki Morihisa and most of them admire the overwhelming beauty of Suzuki Morihisa's kettle. However very few people know that Suzuki Morihisa Kettle has outstanding performance as well. Usually different brand of kettle gives different effect and the differece is very obvious. It is due to the following reasons.

  1. Different brand has their own formula to blend mineral.
  2. Although most of tetsubins made by various brand reduces aroma of tea, Suzuki Morihisa's kettle, regardless of any grade of their product, maintains aroma, while it increase the after taste of water.


  3. Different casting technique.
  4. Boiling water with Suzuki Morihisa's kettle, the taste of water is more modified. It gives much stronger after taste than the tetsubin made by ordinary brand . With more porosity, the more surface. Suzuki Morihisa's kettle retains the temperature of water much longer. Larger surface also release more iron into water. As the result, the intensity of after taste is much stronger than ordinary brand.

Due to the over popularity in the market, it takes 5-7 years to receive most of the models. In addition, Suzuki Morihisa has stopped receiving the order of Satetsu Tetsubin for the time being.


Please note that the indicated volume is based on the fully loaded volume. The working volume is usually 50-60% of the indicated volume. The maxium level of water is up to the spout.

Hinomaru Kushime

1. Hinomaru Gata Tetsubin 0.8, 1.0L and1.3L


2. Kushime Tetsubin Small 櫛目丸形鉄瓶 1.0 Liter

Prime Minister Prize Product

Arare Santama-Gata Kikko Arare Hira Hojyugata

3. Arare Santama-Gata Tetsubin 1.3 Liter 


4. Kikko Arare HiraHojyu-Gata Tetsubin 1.1Liter


Arare maru Arare Maru-Gata

5. Arare Maru-Gata Tetsubin 0.8Liter 


6. Arare HiraHojyu-Gata Tetsubin 1.1Liter


Arare Tama-Gata Tetsubin Arare Tama-Gata Tetsubin

7. Arare Tama-Gata Tetsubin 1.5Liter 




Arare Yuzu-Gata Tetsubin Arare Yuzu Gata Big Size 1.6Liter

8. Arare Yuzu-Gata Tetsubin Small Size 1.0Liter 

霰柚型鉄瓶 小

9. Arare Yuzu Gata Big Size 1.3Liter 

霰柚形 大



Nanbu Gata Koma Mon Nanbu Gata Koma Mon

10. Nanbu Gata Koma Mon 1.8Liter 

南部形 駒紋鉄瓶

Arare Tsutsu Gata Tubaki Mon Natsume Gata

11. Arare Tsutsu Gata 1.3-1.6Liter


12. Tubaki Mon Natsume Gata 1.8Liter


Santama Gata Matsuba Mon Temari Mon Maru Gata Tetsubin

13. Santama Gata Matsuba Mon 1.3 Liter


14. Temari Mon Maru Gata Tetsubin 1.3Liter


Yuzu Gata Mizore Arare Yuzu Gata Mizore Arare

15. Doan Gata Mizore Arare 1.5 Liter


The color appear differently depending on the seasonal factor.

Suehiro Gata Aarare Suehiro Gata Aarare

17. Suehiro Gata Arare Small: 0.8 Liter, Big: 1.3 Liters


Nanbu Gata Sakura Mon Nanbu Gata Sakura Mon

18. Nanbu Gata Sakura Mon 1.8Liter


19. Santama Gata Arare Mon 1.3L


Yuzu Gata Matsuba Mon Yuzu Gata Matsuba Mon

20. Yuzu Gata Matsuba Mon 1.3Liter


Kajitsu Gata Kajitsu Gata

21. Kajitsu Gata 1.3Liter


Kushime Mon Maru Gata Kushime Mon Maru Gata

22. Kushime Mon Maru Gata 1.3Liter


Temari Mon Maru Gata Tetsubin Temari Mon Maru Gata Tetsubin

23. Temari Mon Maru Gata Tetsubin 1.3Liter


28. Santama Gata Oni Arare 1.3L


Temari Mon Maru Gata Tetsubin Temari Mon Maru Gata Tetsubin

30. Fuji gata 1.4L


31. Yonhou gata 1.0L


Temari Mon Maru Gata Tetsubin Temari Mon Maru Gata Tetsubin

32. Temari Tetsubin 1.3L : Available in Stock



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