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Cast Iron Kettle

We usually keep very less number of model in our stock. Due to the increasing demand of tetsubin, manufacture is not catching up with their production schedule. You need to wait for 1-2 years if we place an order to Kunzan now. History and culture of cast iron ware

The founder of Kunzan, Asada Kaoru (浅田薫) was born in 1904. He learned about casting iron from the Suzuki family and started the Kunzan Cast Iron in the year 1937. At present, the 3rd generation of the Asada Family, Sasaki Kazuo is the Nationally Certified Traditional Artist. Kunzan is well sought after in the market as they produce a very traditional style with an unchanged casting technique, and the selling price is reasonable.



1. The 3rd Caster of Kunzan

The 3rd caster of Kunzan was Sasaki Kazuo who was born on 1945. Since young, he learned casting from Asada Kunzan. Today, the Kunzan brand is well known in Nanbu. The workshop was managed by Sasaki Kazuo, his family and a few workers. His son is the senior caster in his workshop.
Sasaki has another side to his character. His hobby is alpine river fishing and he is crazy about it. Kunzan's work shop is located in the suburbs of Morioka city where it is surrounded by the pristine and clear environment. His master skill in fishing also reflects his casting style. Once you use his kettle, you may notice that it is not only beautiful, but also very useful as fine fishing equipment.

Suzuki morihisa

2. Work Shop and Casting Style

There are 3 different styles of work shop in Nanbu casting. 1) Super High-End hand-made product that is almost equal to art, 2) Hand made fine equipment and 3) Mass production. Kunzan follows style No. 2). They maintain the traditional hand casting style. But they do also make an effort in reducing the production cost. Reducing cost does not mean they spend less effort or neglect to carry out some elements of work. Kunzan carefully select the design and pattern that enable them to re-use the mold a few times before discarding them. He believes that the more products he produces and introduces to the market, the more feedback and recognition he receives from his customers. Numerous feedbacks definitely reflect on his fine workmanship that continues in turn to refine his products. As the matter of fact, his products are fine works of art yet very functional.

Kunzan artist Kunzan artist
Making cast iron kettle

Please note that the indicated volume is based on the fully loaded volume. The working volume is usually 50-60% of the indicated volume. The maxium level of water is up to the spout.

Hiramaru Arare Satetsu Nanbu Gata Unryu 2.0L
Hiramaru Arare Chidori Arare
Shudama Gata  

T28. Hiramaru Gata Arare Tetsubin 1.6 Liter


S01. Satetsu Komaru Gata Itome 1.2 Liter

砂鉄 小丸型 糸目

Shudama Gata Tetsubachi Gata Oni Arare

S01. Satetsu Komaru Gata Arare Tetsubin 1.2 Liter 

Sand Iron  砂鉄小丸型 霰

T03. Tetsubachi Gata Oni Arare Tetsubin 1.8 Liter

鉄鉢形 鬼霰

Shudama Gata Futon Gata Kikko

T06. Shudama Gata Arare Tetsubin 1.6 Liter

珠玉形 霰

T08. Futon Gata Kikko Tetsubin 1.6 Liter

布団形 亀甲

Hiramaru Arare Chidori Arare

T14. Hiratetsubachi Gata Chu-Arare Tetsubin 1.4 Liter

平鉄鉢形 中霰

T20. Nanbu Gata Hada Tetsubin 1.0 Liter

南部形 肌

Hiramaru Arare Chidori Arare

T16. Shajiku Gata Kikko Tetsubin 1.6 Liter

車軸形 亀甲鉄瓶

T16. Shajiku Gata Kikko Tetsubin 1.6 Liter

車軸形 亀甲鉄瓶

nanbu gata Mozuya gata

T20. Nanbu Gata Nami Chidori Tetsubin 1.0 Liter

南部形 波千鳥鉄瓶

T25. Mozuya Gata Arare Tetsubin 1.6 Liter

万代屋形 霰鉄瓶

nanbu gata Hire Futon Gata

T28. Hira Maru Gata Unryu (Dragon) Tetsubin 1.6 Liter

平丸型 雲竜鉄瓶

T37. Hira Futon Gata Arare Tetsubin 1.6 Liter

平布団形 霰鉄瓶

Chidori gata Komaru gata

14. Chidori Gata Arare Tetsubin 1.6 Liter

千鳥型 霰鉄瓶 This model is no long available

T07. Komaru Gata Arare Tetsubin 1.2 Liter

小丸形 霰鉄瓶

Komaru Gata Itome Komaru Gata Itome

T07. Komaru Gata Itome 1.2 Liter

小丸型 糸目鉄瓶

T07. Komaru Gata Itome 1.2 Liter

小丸型 糸目鉄瓶

Nanbu Gata Arare Natsume Gata Arare

T21. Nanbu Gata Arare 2.0 Liter

南部形 霰鉄瓶

T21. Natsume Gata Arare 1.6 Liter

棗形 霰鉄瓶

Shudama Gata Arare Tetsubin 1.0 Liter Futon Gata Hon Kikko Tetsubin

T05. Shudama Gata Arare Tetsubin 1.0 Liter

珠玉形 霰鉄瓶 1.0 Liter

T08. Futon Gata Hon Kikko Tetusbin 1.6 Liter

布団形 本亀甲鉄瓶

Japanese teapot Japanese teapot

T43. Shin Futon Gata 1.0L


N10. Taira Hada 1.8L

たいら 肌

Japanese teapot Japanese teapot

T01. TetsubachiGata Arare 0.9L

鉄鉢形 霰

T11. Konoe Gata Kikko Arare 1.6L

九重型 亀甲霰 1.6L

Japanese teapot Japanese teapot

N01. Haruka Sakura 1.0L

はるか 桜

N02. Taira Hada Small 1.0L

たいら 肌 小

Japanese teapot Japanese teapot

N13. Hiratetsu 1.4L


T31. MentoriGata Tetsubin1.6L


Japanese teapot Japanese teapot

24. Natsume Gata Sakura Mon


T13A. Shin Tama Gata Itome 0.9L


Japanese teapot Japanese teapot

26. Satetsu Tetsubachi Gata Arare 0.9L


26. Satetsu Tetsubachi Gata Arare 0.9L


Japanese teapot Japanese teapot

T13B.Shin Tama Gata Itome 1.2L


T37. Hira Futon Gata Oni Arare 1.6L

Japanese teapot

S04 Tetsubachi Gata Oni Arare 1.8L
鉄鉢型 鬼霰 1.8L

Japanese teapot Japanese teapot

T02.Tetsubachi Gata Sakura 1.4L

鉄鉢型 桜

T34. Ringo Gata Hada 1.6L

林檎型 肌

Japanese teapot Japanese teapot

T14.Hira Tetsubachi Gata Itome 1.4L

鉄鉢型 糸目

T25. Mozuya Gata Hada 1.4L

万代型 肌

Japanese teapot Japanese teapot

T11.Konoe Gata Arare 1.6L

九重型 霰

T04. Tetsubachi Gata Chu Arare 1.8L

鉄鉢形 中霰

Japanese teapot

T21 Nanbu Gata Horse 2.0L

南部型 駒

Japanese teapot Japanese teapot

T04. Tetsubachi Gata Arare 1.8L

鉄鉢型 霰

T46 Katatsuki Do Gata

肩付き胴型 肌

Japanese teapot Japanese teapot

S10 Satetsu Nanbu Gata Unryu 2.0L

南部型 雲龍

T21 Nanbu Gata Unryu 2.0L
南部型 雲龍


Japanese teapot Japanese teapot

T21 Nanbu Gata Ume 2.0L

南部型 梅

T40 Doan Gata Senbiki Hada 1.8L

道庵型 線引 肌

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