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Using Only Natural Spices, Herbs and Premium Black Tea, We Created An Unprecedented Tea Character.


Osmanthus flower reminds us of the aroma of ripe peach
Osmanthus flower reminds us of the aroma of ripe peach

What is so special about Gold Rush?

Gold Rush is our Original Blended Tea. It gives not only aroma of spices and herbs, but also body and sweetness in taste. The Gold Rush was made in a blending of mixed ingredients between Tea Leaves and Natural Spice and Herbs. The Herbs and Spices are used to enhance the taste of this special tea.

Refreshing Taste is created by Star Anise
Refreshing Taste is created by Star Anise

Beautiful Appearance and Smooth Drinking Feeling

Once you brew this tea, you may be impressed with a thick reddish color and a clear golden ring that appears on the edge of the tea cup. Thanks to the Yunnan Black Tea, the taste of tea is very mellow, thick and sweet after taste. The aroma from the upcoming steam is very sweet and exotic which reminds us of peaches. Adding to this surprise is the taste of this tea. Most of customers predict the taste might be astringent. However it gives a very mellow and smooth drinking feeling. No matter how long you brew the tea, it never gets astringent.

Only Natural Herbs and Spices

Usually the ordinary flavored tea in the market is made by spraying with flavoring extract. The surface of sprayed tea leaves are coated with flavoring substances and it gives less taste of tea. Because the extraction of taste from tea leaves is suppressed by the flavoring substance that forms a layer on the surface of tea leaves. On the contrary, we use no flavoring substance, but it is 100% natural ingredients. Because of the non existence of any flavoring substance, you can feel and actually taste its true flavor and aroma. In addition, our food scientist ensures that all ingredients are safe in terms of pesticide content.

No Compromise in R&D

All ingredients including tea leaves are sourced through our own sourcing network. In order to achieve unprecedented quality, we selected top quality ingredients for all the spices and herbs. The concept of Gold Rush is totally different from ordinary flavored tea which is produced from commercial broken tea leaves and sprayed with fragrance. Gold Rush proposes the new style of scented tea that is natural, healthy and delicious.

Very Economical

You may be surprise that you can brew Gold Rush repeatedly. From 3g of tea leaves, you can brew more than 500ml of tea. Is it not economical?

Gold Rush is HOJO's Original Tea

It is completely original blended tea of HOJO. Spices are used to enhance the characteristics of this tea. After all, tea is the most important player.

Intorduction of Gold Rush

Our R&D staff has extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to spice and herbs. We wish to create scented tea without using flavored spraying, but to stick to the natural ingredients. Nevertheless it is not a herbal tea. The main ingredient of this tea is the Yunnan Black Tea. It is well-known for its thick taste, mellow, with body and sweet after taste. The mission of our R&D team is to enhance the characteristics of the Yunnan Black Tea to the maximum extent. The addition of natural ingredients gives a very good synergy effect; Gold Rush is well-balanced in terms of color, aroma, flavor and taste.

The osmanthus flower gives a fruity and sweet aroma. Its taste is enriched when added with a pinch of spices. The base tea is the Yunnan Black Tea which selected from an Organic Tea Garden. The Spices were sourced through our own sourcing network. Unlike the conventional scented tea, Gold Rush does not give an overpowering flavor, but is rich in taste of tea and you have no fear of the side effect of artificial fragrance. We particularly recommend this tea to ladies. How about having a cup of Gold Rush during your leisurely time and unwind and relax at home with someone special?

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Blended Material

Tea Leaf
Tea Leaf

Yunnan Black Tea from the Organic Tea garden is used as the base tea. We purchase OP leaves and crush them into a smaller size in order to mix well with other ingredients. The reason why we selected Yunnan Black Tea is to get a very thick taste and body, as well as a mellow and smooth drinking feeling.

Osmanthus Flower
Osmanthus Flower

Osmanthus Flowers gives a very sweet aroma that resembles the aroma of peaches. When this flower is dispersed in tea leave, it appears like gold dust. That is where the name of Gold Rush was derived from.

Star Anise
Star Anise

It is the famous spice from China. It is commonly used to mask the smell of meat. It tastes less hot and carries a slight sour aroma. In China, this spice is used mainly for cooking and as Chinese medicine. In Europe, star anise is used to produce flavored syrup that is used as sauce for deserts. With the star anise, we can enjoy the sweet aroma of Osmanthus flower which makes it truly a refreshing drink.


Allspice is produced in Mexico, Jamaica, etc. This spice was introduced by Columbus when he was looking for pepper in South America. In fact this spice is well-known in South America much earlier before Columbus arrived. It was used as a natural preservative for meat and fish. Its seed is plucked by hand when its color is green. The harvested seed is spread over the floor and dried for a week. It will then change to dark brown in color as its constituents get oxidized. In Europe, this spice is used not only for cooking, but also for making cake, jam and pie. The delicate aroma of allspice sharpens the flavor of Gold Rush.

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Instruction for Brewing Gold Rush

Two teaspoons are equivalent to 3g of tea leaves

Use a small glass or porcelain tea pot. When brewing the premium black tea, the method of brewing will affect the taste and flavor. It is suitable to use a porcelain tea pot. A glass tea pot is recommended if you wish to enjoy seeing the tea leaves when brewed in water.

At first, bring the cool water to a boil. Use soft water for preparation of tea. The water processed by distillation or reversed osmosis is not suitable for brewing tea. These water do not contain minerals and it will cause the tea to become tasteless. If normal tap water is used, it is advisable to use a filter. Boil the water just before brewing tea. It is very important to boil water so as to evaporate the chlorine and other types of contaminated substance in the water. Do not continue boiling for more than a few minuets as it will rather concentrate the mineral and the character of water may be converted to hard water.

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At first, pour boiling water into the tea pot and fill up to 70%. This is to heat up the tea pot. If the pot is not warmed up, the temperature of water will drop drastically when a cold tea pot is used for brewing tea. This will affect the taste and flavor of tea.

After 20 seconds, remove hot water from the warmed tea pot into the tea cups to warm it up.

For the small tea pot of 250ml, about 3g of tea leaves is sufficient, which can be measured by 2 teaspoons. If the tea pot is of bigger size, about 5g of tea leaves is necessary. The quantity of tea leaves used is adjusted based one's preference.

The brewing time of 3 minutes is adequate. If brew more than 3 minutes, the aroma from the spices becomes very strong. Therefore, the timing of brewing has to be well adhered to.

When the tea is ready, pour tea into a pitcher completely until the last drop which is most concentrated. It is important to keep the tea leaves without liquor before subsequent brewing. Steeping the tea leaves in hot water will caused excessive extraction of polyphenol and tannin which gives an astringent and bitter taste.

Recommended Storage Method

The tea leaves itself can be kept under ambient atmosphere. However, the flower and spices will deteriorate if it is not kept in the fridge. We do not recommend storing it in the freezer as it is less effective as compare to the fridge. Tea must be kept inside a plastic or aluminum bag and sealed tightly before placing in the fridge. Otherwise condensation will occur when it is taken out from the fridge. Due to the very low moisture content of tea leaves, it can easily absorb the odor from its storage environment. Therefore it is important to ensure the bag is tightly sealed.

Safety as a Part of HOJO's Quality


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Custom Fee

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