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Yunnan Black Tea


This is a very rare black tea. Leaves are collected from very old tea tree that aged about a few hundred years old. Tea is grown at the altitude of 2000m in Wu Liang mountain range located at Yun Xian county in Ling Cang. These trees belongs to the high mountain minority races, like Ye race. Tea is not grown in the normal tea garden, but planted in the deep mountain, as if part of the forest. Tea is grown in completely natural environment, just like other wild plants in the forest, no fertilizer and no pesticide is used. Each batch of tea consists of leaves harvested from independent tea tree, therefore each time the tea gives different flavor and taste. Once this batch finishes, we stand no chance to obtain the same quality again. Although we will continue this tea in the future, the particular taste and flavor only lasts for the same batch of tea.

Due to the old age of tree, high mountain environment and no fertilizer is applied, tea grows extremely slow. As a result, tea tree produces leaves with much smaller cells that are very rich in polyphenols and minerals. Tea gives very strong after taste with depth in flavor and very thick body. Its flavor remains on our throat and sweetness lingers for a long time. Thanks to the high mineral content in tea, it can significantly improves our blood circulation. For this tea, if we drink more than 200ml, we feel very warm even if we drink after tea is cooled down. The more we drink this tea, the more we feel sleepy. The effect is just like having exercise or massage. Improved blood circulation will make us sleepy. In other word, this tea makes us relaxed and we can have better sleep. Due to the significant relaxing effect, it is advisable to drink after work.


Yunnan Black Tea Yunnan Black Tea





keemunThe standard Keemun that HOJO is selling at lower price is equivalent to the 3rd or 4th grade. Usually the price of Keemun tea becomes exponentially higher when the grade increases.


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3. Brewing Technique

Preservation of Tea Leaf

Stable Quality

Well fermented black tea is very stable for long storage and not necessary to apply any specific method during storage. Keep tea in ambient and dry atmosphere. The enjoyable quality is maintained for more than a year. Please strictly refrain from the humidity. Tea must be tightly sealed when it is kept. Avoid enclosed area such as inside cupboard or drawer as these places are damp. Please also avoid opening tea inside humid atmosphere. Once tea leaf absorbs some moisture, the deterioration will be triggered.

If you notice any deterioration on the leaf, pleaes apply micorowave for about 30 seconds. It will often refresh the leaf. However it is important to get it cooled down spreading on the paper.

Be aware of keeping inside fridge

Although many people think that keeping tea inside the fridge is the best, it is not advisable from technical point of view. Tea which is cold temperature easily gets water condensation when it is taken out from the fridge. Once tea gets water condensation, the quality will deteriorate within a few days. Moisture trigger oxidation and it completely destroy the quality of tea. If tea is kept inside fridge, it is necessary to leave it in ambient atmosphere for 24 hours in order to gradually warm up tea leaf. Based on our experience, 12 hours is not long enough. Tea looks warm, yet inside tea leaf is still cold due to insulation effect. In any case, for this particular tea, please do not even think of keeping inside fridge.


Safety as a Part of HOJO's Quality


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Various choice of shipping method

EMS, SAL, Small Packet, Small Packet (SAL) Yamato Express and Surface

For shipping tea, we usually suggest small air parcel, the estimated shipping cost of tea in 100g (with wrapping material ) is

Small Parcel

USA JPY 600, EU JPY600 and Asia JPY470

Small Packet (SAL)

USA JPY380, EU JPY380 and Asia JPY320

The shipping fee to oversea by small air parcel happens to be even cheaper than domestic shipping fee in Japan.


Custom Fee

For your information, some countries, EU in particular imposes custom duty. We need buyer to bare the duty. We are sorry, but we cannot change the amount on the invoice, and we do not mark any packages as gifts. We will strictly follow the custom regulation.

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