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Among the various kinds of Darjeeling tea, Singbulli is the estate that has a strong reputation. The Singbulli estate consists of 4 divisions. Out of these 4 divisions, Ting Ling is known to produce extraordinarily good tea. Now the name of Ting Ling is not only the name of division. This name itself acts as a brand name that represents the finest tea of Singbulli estate. The tea produced from Ting Ling estate generally gives a very strong body. Thanks to the body, you may feel that the flavour of the tea is widely spread in the mouth and it gives a very sweet taste in your mouth. The strong body of tea comes from the alkaline minerals that exist in the soil of Ting Ling division. The tea garden is managed by the organic farming practice that makes the tea grows at a very slow speed. As a result, the tea is rich in iron and it gives a much stronger after taste than the ordinary Darjeeling tea.

It is hard to get the fine Ting Ling tea without relationship

The Singbulli treats Ting Ling as a very special tea. The early plucked tea from Ting Ling seldom goes through the broker or trader but it is directly introduced by the holding company of the tea garden. The price of Ting Ling is also outstandingly expensive. But it is the tea that gives a real full satisfaction.

Sweet fruity flavour thanks to the deeper fermentation

The flavour of this tea is very sweet which reminds me of a young peach or marigolds. This tea was a little deeply fermented and the colour of the tea leaf is yellowish. The deeper the fermentation of the tea leaf will produce a more fruity flavour rather than floral or herbaceous flavour.


The maturation develop the sweet flavour

We have also bought the 1st flush tea from Ting Ling division in 2013. It was introduced by the name, Singbulli Clonal Flowery. The first flush tea has the similar characteristic as the raw pu-erh tea in terms of the fermentation level. Although fewer people may know about it, the Darjeeling first flush tea can undergo very ideal maturation. Once the tea is well-matured, it will develop a strong fruity flavour just like the muscatel or honey note. To conduct ideal maturation, it is essential to remove moisture and oxygen from the tea leaves. If the tea is kept without proper treatment, it will be nothing but gets oxidized. Since the 2013 Darjeeling tea has been kept for more than a year, the flavour is much stronger by now.

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