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Discover the long-lasting flavor profile of 2023 Shi Feng Long Jing

[2023.06.06] Posted By

We have launched the 2023 harvest of Shi Feng Long Jing tea.

Shi Feng Long Jing tea, also known as Shi Feng Dragon Well tea. It is one of the most famous and highly regarded teas in China.
Shi Feng Long Jing tea is characterized by its flat, spear-shaped leaves that have a vibrant green colour. When brewed, the tea produces a light and refreshing infusion with a pale yellow-green hue. It has a delicate, mellow taste with a sweet and fresh chestnut-like flavor profile. The aroma is often described as being grassy, floral, and slightly nutty.
Long Jing tea is hand-made by tossing the tea leaves in the hot wok. The tea leaves are repeatedly pressed against the hot wok, and initiate the formation of the characteristic flat shape of Long Jing tea leaves. It is known for its subtly fragrant aroma.

2023: A Year of High-Quality Raw Tea Leaves

This year, we have had a lower amount of rainfall, which has led to a slightly reduced yield. However, the quality of the tea leaves is remarkably satisfying. Normally, the quality of tea is negatively correlated with the quantity of rainfall. When there is less rain, the tea plants grow at a slower pace, resulting in denser cells and more concentrated components in the tea. Conversely, excessive rainfall promotes excessive growth of the plants and roots, causing the components to be drawn away from the leaves, resulting in a tea with a milder and lighter taste. Thanks to the reduced amount of rainfall this year, we are delighted to inform you that that the quality of Long Jing tea is highly satisfactory.

The Difference Between Seedling Long Jing Tea and Cultivar Long Jing No. 43

There are two varieties of Long Jing tea: Long Jing No. 43, which is cultivated from cuttings, and seedling tea, which is grown from seeds. Long Jing No. 43 is a specially bred cultivar that can be harvested early in the spring season, whereas seedling tea becomes available later in spring due to its slower growth pace. When it comes to quality, however, the seedling Long Jing stands out due to its exceptional aftertaste.
The tea trees of cultivar Long Jing No. 43 possess well-developed roots with a fine network structure that spreads across the surface of the ground, facilitating the easy absorption of fertilizer. This results in rapid growth and early harvesting during the spring season. Undoubtedly, the early spring tea is highly sought after in the commercial tea market, as people generally look forward to the arrival of new tea in spring. However, for those who are aware of the quality of slow-growing teas like the seedling Long Jing, they patiently wait for the later availability in spring, which ultimately provides a higher level of satisfaction in terms of flavor and overall experience.

On the left is the cultivated tea, and on the right is the seedling tea.

In contrast, the seedling tea possesses deep-rooted systems that penetrate the soil, much like burdock, enabling it to absorb minerals from the ground. However, due to the slower growth of these deep-rooted tea trees, the harvest of seedling Long Jing is delayed, especially in older tea trees or high-altitude tea gardens, where the first-pluck of leaves is only available after the Qingming Festival, which falls on the 4th of April. Traditionally, Long Jing tea is highly esteemed when harvested as Mingqian tea, referring to the tea picked before the Qingming Festival. However, this concept does not apply to seedling tea that is cultivated without the use of fertilizers.

The Rich Aftertaste Found in High-Quality Long Jing Tea

High-quality Long Jing tea provides a profound experience with a delightful and lingering sweetness in the throat. In Chinese, this sensation is known as “huí gān,” which can be translated to “finish” or “aftertaste” in English, i.e., the taste travels deep down the throat and lingering on palate for a long time. This remarkable sensation enhances the overall satisfaction derived from drinking tea, offering a truly gratifying experience.

How to buy?

If you reside in Malaysia, Singapore, or Brunei and are interested in purchasing and shipping this tea, please visit Our Website.

For international customers interested in purchasing this tea, kindly reach out to us via email at info2@hojotea.com. We will provide you with the necessary information on how to proceed with your order. You can also access our price list by visiting the following link.


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